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Why do Shias curse the Sahabah and khalifahs?

Why do Shias curse the Sahabah and khalifahs?

The Sahabah are like every other person, meaning that it’s possible for a Sahabi to be unadel. It’s not that anyone who is a Sahabi is necessarily adel. The only way for one to be adel, is to follow the Prophet in his actions and deeds and in other words, simply being a sahabi has no role in making one adel.

Therefore, the only thing that counts is one’s behavior and practical way of life. If it meets Islamic standards, that person is adel, otherwise, he isn’t. As we said, this viewpoint corresponds with the Noble Quran and the tradition of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.).

How can one say that Malek-ibn-Nuwairah (one of the great companions of the Prophet), and his killer, whom, after killing him, slept with his wife, are the same and that both are Sahabis?!

It’s very unfair to be on the side of a drunkard like walid-ibn-aqabah, just because of the fact that he is a Sahabi, or support a person that has changed the Islamic government into a dictatorship, has killed the ummah's righteous people, and has gone to battle against the imam and religiously assigned khalifah (Ali-ibn-Abitaleb) of his time? Is it right to say that Ammar Yaser and the head of the "wrongdoing and misled group" (referring to the famous hadith of the Holy Prophet of Islam (p.b.u.h.) that says that the sinister and misled group “al-fi’atul-bakhiyah” will kill Ammar Yaser) are equal?! Is it possible for a logical person to claim such a thing?! If such assertions were to be true, Islam would only be a religion that tries to justify the actions of tyrants and oppressors with the excuse of them being Sahabis. But the truth of the matter is that Islam has nothing to do with the wicked and sinister acts of the wrongdoing and misled, making no difference in what time and place they live in. This is our opinion on the issue and it isn't important what others think, what is important is that the truth be followed and put to practice.

For instance, do our Sunni brothers believe that Uthman and his assassins were equal? If so, then why has Imam Ali (a.s.) been criticized so much over this issue (because some falsely claim that Imam Ali (a.s.) was responsible for his assassination)? If so, then why did some rebel and declare war against him in Jamal and Siffin with the excuse that they wanted to avenge Uthman’s death? On the other hand, if they believe that the two aren’t equal, and those opposing Uthman or those who gave a hand in assassinating him - let alone his immediate assassins - are people who have turned away from the law and Islam, that’s actually another way of saying that they aren’t adel! In other words, in this case they are saying exactly what we believe in! So why are the Shia being condemned for what they believe in, while others are saying the same thing?!

Therefore, the criterion for being adel in the Shia’s viewpoint is acting according to the Prophet’s Sunnah, during the Prophet’s lifetime and afterwards. Any one of the Sahaba who were like that, are completely respected, will be followed and prayed for on our part. On the contrary, those who don’t follow the Prophet in their actions aren’t considered adel by us. For example, two of the sahaba along with one of the Prophet’s wives went against the religiously assigned khalifah of their time with an army in the battle of Jamal in which thousands of Muslims were killed in. Our question is, is it okay that all this blood be shed?

Another person who was known of being a Sahabi of the holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.), rebelled against Imam Ali (a.s.), causing the battle of Siffin, which ended up in the death of both good and bad. What we claim is that this act is against Islam and is considered violation of the Islamic khalifa’s rights and authority. Merely being a sahabi is of no way an excuse for such wrongdoings. This is the main difference of opinion that lies between the Shia and others. It is very clear that here we are not talking about cursing, abusive language, and the like.

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