States of emergency in major US cities over homeless crisis
An increasing number of US cities are declaring states of emergency as homelessness is becoming more prevalent and a serious issue to deal with, reports say.
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Germany to send troops to Turkey under NATO flag
Germany says it is set to deploy troops to Turkey aboard aircraft operated by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in support of Ankara, a member state, amid the crisis in Syria.
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China approves first anti-terror law amid controversies
China has adopted its first counter-terrorism legislation despite criticism that it could tighten media controls and threaten privacy as well as intellectual property rights in the East Asian state
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‘London receives European terror warning’
The UK capital, London, is among other major European cities that have been forewarned about the possibility of a shooting or bomb attack on or before New Years Eve, a new report says. The terror alert originally handed to Austrian police on Saturday from a "friendly" intelligence service says terrorist sleeper cells are planning to hit Western targets, according to the British daily, the Express. The report said this prompted police across the continent to increase security to prevent a Paris-style November attack on an unknown location in Europe.
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‘Majority of tased people by UK police mentally ill’
A new report indicates that over two-thirds of people tasered by British police between 2010 and 2014 were mentally ill. Police use of the stun guns increased over the period from 6,238 incidents in 2010 to 9,196 last year, and there has been a corresponding rise in the number of incidents involving mentally ill people, from 2,737 in 2010 to 4,200 in 2014, the Independent reported citing Home Office figures.
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Donald Trump Is Becoming ISISs Best Recruiter, Says Hillary Clinton
Washington: Democratic presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton today slammed Donald Trumps recent comments about banning Muslim immigrants, saying the Republican frontrunner was "becoming ISISs best recruiter".
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US officer fatally shoots vandal in Los Angeles
A Los Angeles police officer has fatally shot a man wielding a metal chair after he tried to reach for the officer’s gun during a scuffle at a hospital, authorities say.
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Daesh executes dozen people by throwing from building in Mosul
Daesh Takfiri terrorists have executed a dozen people by throwing them from a towering building in the Iraqi northern province of Nineveh.
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UK to get female soldiers for fronts in 2016
British Prime Minister David Cameron says he wants to see female British soldiers training to fight on the front line in 2016. "The Defence Secretary (Michael Fallon) and I are united in wanting to see all roles in our armed forces opened up to women in 2016," Cameron has been quoted as saying by The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. He has emphasized that he has asked the Ministry of Defence to be ready to post women in ground close-combat roles by the end of next year.
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Yemen talks begin in Switzerland
Peace talks on Yemen have begun in Switzerland in a bid to end more than nine months of bloodshed in the country as a highly-anticipated ceasefire begins to take effect.
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