Scenes from chaos in Turkey amid military coup
An attempted Turkish military coup appeared to crumble in the early hours of Saturday after crowds answered President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to take to the streets to support him.
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Clinton shouldnt pick VP from Wall Street: Sanders
US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has urged frontrunner Hillary Clinton not to pick her potential vice presidential candidate from Wall Street
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Israel, Arab allies discuss ousting Palestinian president: Report
Israel and its allies, including the UAE, Egypt and Jordan, are reportedly planning to overthrow Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and replace him with the former leader of the Fatah movement.
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Bush crime family members are pillars of US deep state: Scholar
The Bush crime family is the dirtiest bunch of corrupt politicians in the United States, and they are the pillars of the US deep state, an American scholar and political analyst says.
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Obama says Syria not a contest between me and Putin
US President Barack Obama says Russia has made a strategic mistake in supporting the Syrian government, but that the Arab countrys raging conflict is “not a contest” between him and President Vladimir Putin. The Obama administration has come under growing criticism that it has done little to contain Russia’s military campaign in Syria launched on behalf of President Bashar al-Assad. At a summit in California on Tuesday, Obama predicted that Syria would become a "quagmire" for Russia, but added, “This is not a contest between me and Putin.”
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Russia to send robot cosmonauts to International Space Station
Russia is planning to send robot cosmonauts to the International Space Station (ISS) to conduct dangerous tasks as a substitute for astronauts.
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Little skinny boy accused of witchcraft rescued in Nigeria
A scared, emaciated and naked Nigerian child was found and rescued by a Danish aid worker, eight months after he was abandoned to his fate by his family, who accused him of being a witch. During the past eight months, the worm-ridden boy, who is now called Hope, slept rough and scavenged on whatever he could find on every nook and cranny of streets in a town in the southern Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom.
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UN: Saudi Arabia severing Iran ties ‘deeply worrying’
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says Saudi Arabia’s severing of diplomatic relations with Iran is "deeply worrying."
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The only weapon used by sheikh nimr was his words
His words were not of violence, hate or division - his teachings were of unity, acceptance and solidarity. And if indeed he was a dissident, it is only because he could not accept the injustices which were carried against his fellow men.
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Turkey: Politics behind Nimr’s execution
A senior Turkish official says Saudi Arabias recent execution of prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr was "politically motivated."
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