muharram month
muharram is the month in which justice rose against injustice and truth stood up against falsehood and proved that , in the course of history ,truth has always triumphed over falsehood...!
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Berlin warns Turkey stepping up spying in Germany
Turkey has increased intelligence efforts in Germany, Berlin says Germanys domestic intelligence agency BfV has warned about Turkeys increased espionage activities in Germany, amid souring relations between the two countries ahead of a Turkish referendum to boost the power of the president.
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Iran FM meets with Qatari emir
Iran’s Zarif holds talks with Qatari emir on bilateral ties, Mideast issues Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has met and held talks with the Qatari emir on bilateral relations as well as regional developments.
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Trump will not be able to spark war with Iran: American scholar
US President Donald Trump is in no position to threaten Iran, and will not be able to spark a war with the country in the next couple of years as some analysts have suggested, says Professor Dennis Etler, an American political analyst who has a decades-long interest in international affairs.
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Israel police likely to recommend indictment against Netanyahu: Report
Israeli police are likely to recommend that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted over allegations that he has accepted bribes, a report says, as an investigation into the claims nears conclusion.
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Iran role model of freedom, dignity: Commentator
President Hassan Rouhani has praised Iranians for turning out in millions on Friday to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, saying the rallies are a response to recent threats by new US rulers against Iran. Rouhanis remarks came after the US said it had put Iran "on notice" in reaction to a January 29 missile test and fresh sanctions on individuals and entities.
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Iranians stage nationwide rallies to mark anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution
n their millions, Iranians have filled the streets countrywide to relive the day 38 years ago when the nation’s hard-fought Islamic Revolution against the former US-backed regime became victorious. People from all walks of life rallied in different cities and towns across Iran on Friday to celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
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Germany warns Britain against postponing Brexit talks
Germany has warned Britain against further stalling the process of leaving the European Union, commonly referred to as Brexit.
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Judge warns Trump campaign on voter intimidation in Ohio
A US federal judge has issued an order, warning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign against harassing or intimidating Ohio voters.
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Majority of Americans want neither candidate to win: Analyst
Republican and Democratic Parties have made such a mockery of US democracy and electoral process that a majority of Americans want neither candidate to win the November 8 election, asks Myles Hoenig, an American political analyst and activist.
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