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Cow-protecting vigilante attacks are usually crime cover-ups: Indian PM

Hindus consider cows as sacred animals and in most Indian states killing them leads to severe punishment. Since Modi came to power in 2014, there has been a rise in killings attributed to punishment for the slaughter of cows.

Last month, scores of people were arrested in western India after protests against the attacks turned violent.

On Saturday, Modi (seen below) announced that from now on state governments will be tasked with investigating people linked to cattle-related incidents, and also called on the public to take action against those who use religion to cover up crimes.

He further predicted that, "70-80 percent of them will turn out to be people who are involved in anti-social activities and masquerade as cow protectors to save themselves.”

Citing religious scripture, right-wing Hindu groups call for a complete ban of the slaughter of cows.   

In the western Gujarat state a police man was killed last month after clashes broke out during protests against attacks on villagers who had skinned a cow.

Last year, five Muslims were killed by Hindu mobs over suspicions of eating beef and smuggling cows around the country.

Despite having a majority Hindu population of over one billion, India is also the home to a large number Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists.

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